Midwinter Spring
Alessandro Stella plays Kancheli, Pärt, Vasks

Midwinter Spring

“Five years have passed since the publication
of my collection of miniatures entitled Simple Music for Piano.
In this period I have had the good fortune to hear
diverse interpretations of these pieces by various artists.
However, the recording of 16 miniatures by Mr. Stella
has surprised me in a particularly pleasurable way.

Not being a professional pianist myself,
I once decided to record several of the miniatures
in accordance with the imagination of their author.
The way in which Mr. Stella approaches “the simple music"
very closely coincides with my own perception,
while thoroughly eclipsing my modest abilities as interpreter.

I am sincerely grateful to Mr. Stella
for his subtle attitude towards material, tempos, pauses,
nuances and his choice of the sequence,
which ultimately shapes
this distinctive and highly enjoyable listening experience.”

Giya Kancheli

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